Good Sons

by Hollus

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Hollus second full-length record that they record three separate times, finally deciding that they were the ultimate authority on what makes a "good" Hollus record. Back to the mattress factory


released July 1, 2007

Produced by: Hollus

Backing vocalists: M.Ness, R.Franklin, L.Adams



all rights reserved


Hollus Chicago

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Track Name: Electrica
Coming through the past
Its our nonsense future
We got a bright bright night
But its all in our music

Coming through the past
Coming through the wall
Coming through your head
It’s all we got now

Look around to see
Where you wanna be
Listen to the Sound
It’s all we got now

Hey Hey do it again (x4)
Track Name: Gimme Trouble
There is just one thing we know how to do
Getting what we need gonna give it to you
Gotta keep loving here the whistle sound
Loaded up and steady not strung out

Just like me, Just like you
Im a good son, honey cant you tell by my silver spoon
Give me life give me cover
Give me truth gimme trouble

She’s a pretty little thing just knows what to say
She does a ooo ooo and a hey hey hey
Gotta keep loving cant put a good woman down
Ready for a mean night young guns come out

Just like you, Just like me
Im a good son, honey cant you tell by my pretty teeth

Track Name: Antique Heart
Last night I had myself a feeling
Its no wonder but it felt fine to me
Took a lesson from the no where rollers
If there is one thing that they know
Its how to be free

I sat onto of a lonely city
Looked into the street and saw my face
Fresh blood on my mind and jacket
I wanna riot but it ain’t my place
No it ain’t my
There’s rust on my chest
Got it from the rain and the loneliness
Whats wrong with my antique heart
Starting over is the hardest part
You got your woman and I got my wine

Had a talk with a friend of mine
I cant see her but she takes care of me
I ain’t sick, but I need a doctor
Now she’s telling me I gotta find a better way

Track Name: Adam Tree Blues
Picked a golden apple from a sacred tree
Momma had a baby, but it ain’t me
She know the future, she got the receipt
I know she knew it all along, now she comin for me

Momma taught me good, taught me where not to go
Taught me how to love but told me what not to do
She know the future, she got the receipt
I know she knew it all along, now she comin for me

I know – I only got one chance to know my kin
I know – if she finds me out I’m gonna know my sin
I know – if it weren’t for me this wouldn’t ever begin
I know –
I’m a sinner
I’m a son
I’m a ghost, I’m the only one – so c’mon

Tried my best to hide from the heavenly sound
Found myself a girl and we snuck around town
And now she talking to a snake with a crown
You know he’s sayin lots of things and they all got me down

Momma got my number, you know she can tell
Momma knows best, she gonna damn you to hell
She knows the future, she got the receipt
I know she knew it all along, now she comin for me

Track Name: Lost In The Tiles
Another moonlight morning – now it’s comin’ strong
And we lose ourselves in the northern song
Another silhouette dancing on my wall
And the face of the past smiling down the hall

Another gin and tonic morning – now we rest our heads
Before we say another prayer and take us back to bed
Then the dreams that we buy from a dusty bag
They’re gonna save us from the curse of the fearful man
It’s alright
We’re never better
I have mine
You come and get her

Another black and white morning – now we’re paranoid
And we soak up the light from the celluloid
And all the pretty girls come around my door
But I’m lost in the tiles checkered on the floor

Track Name: Sister Sugar
Sister sugar let me be
I love you best when your not with me
Sister sugar got to give me time
Your going to know to leave it all behind

Sing me songs like you did before
Write me letters on your telephone tonight

I wanna love you, but I don’t know how
I wanna need you, but you bring it down

Look at me put a record on
You love in colors, but your missing one
See the smile on your pretty face
Sister sugar gonna let me taste

Sing me songs like you did before
Write me letters on your telephone tonight

I wanna love you, but I don’t know how
I wanna need you, but you bring it down

I fell in love today, but there aint no sense in going wrong
For a lady love, if you cant take her home
Track Name: Instigator
When I was a child
I was a smarter man
You know I knew my heart
From my bitter hand

When I was a child
You know I spoke the truth
You know I couldn’t lie
To a girl like you
I need the beggars release
I need the preachers belief
I need the profits sight to make it right
And be who I will be

Now I sold my soul
For another way
Figured wouldn’t want nothing
Just another day

Coming to the end
Now I trade my skin
With a bigot woman
And her skin -tight sin


I’m not talking past or future
I’m not speaking from god -like heights
I don’t want another instigator
I don’t care about wrongs or rights
Track Name: Stella's(Don't Wanna Grow Old Smoke Alarm Blues)
She got those slender fingers and those scheming lines
Her name is teenage fable
The boys all wait in line
Wears a big crown queen
In her small little life
Damn Stella you alright

My woman see what you done
You wanna push push
You wanna uhuh
She don’t know if she dead or alive
Stella don’t know Stella don’t know

She knock me of course with them dark cat eyes
She starts a tickling my devil inside
Gotta be the queen in a another mans life
Damn Stella you alright


She got no need for words she in that black and white
She gonna push on you till you get her right
Gonna be the queen in another mans life
Damn Stella you so fucking fine

Track Name: Potter, Potter
I’ve known it since birth
I know what it’s worth

The Potter’s Callin
Sayin that I’m Stallin,
Every time I see my soul
My hands are tired
My dice don’t roll

Every time I take control
My feet don’t move
My heart don’t know

I did it again
I lost what I had

And Something’s Calling
And I’m still wrong and

(Bridge + Chorus)

I’d like to take the time
To recognize the Potter’s Wheel
The unlit match and the broken seal
But tomorrow doesn’t know
If you’re living life on a makers time
Or waiting on Satan to make up his mind

It’s happening soon
I know what I’m doing

The Potter’s Callin
And I’m not Stallin
No More

If this is the end
I want what’s comin
If this is the end
I’ll get what’s comin
(Bridge + Chorus)