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Created in the back of a mattress factory from July-December of 2005. This is Hollus' first collection of songs and arguably their most raw.


released January 1, 2006

Produced by M.Lux

Special thanks to Troy Smith and Chris Farrell.



all rights reserved


Hollus Chicago

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Track Name: Walking The Line
You say today ain’t a new day cause it feels like the last
Why do you say when you know that the past is the past
You got a crazy little mind, always walking on the line, comin strong

I watch the rain leave its stain on the happiest few
I watch a stone rollin’ home and I’m thinking of you
I want you crazy little mind, stack the lines on the lines, comin strong

All the profits with their gossip and their history
We don’t need no explanations and no sympathy
We gotta one track mind, but we’re doin just fine
And when the clock strikes never then we’re walking the line

I found a clown lookin down and I asked him bout things
He says he’s stirred by a bird who’s still pulling his strings
He wants her crazy little mind, so he’s walkin the line, comin strong

I love your mouth when its shut like a mime with a gun
I love your walk like a woman but you’re having more fun
I love your crazy little mind, always walking the line, comin strong

Track Name: Foreign Film
have become a poor rendition of a foreign film (x 4)

When tragedy swallows the majority
And strange tones come and take over me
Understandings never close enough for me to see

I cant seem to understand a single word you say (x4)

What happen to the plot we lived the other night
The one where all the scenery was black and white
I know every subtitled but the ending don’t seem right
(Chorus x2)
Sign me away
So you can be on your way
Don’t remind me of days
Where you knew what I was saying

You have enjoyed all the pleasures of a heros pain (x4)

Because every time he is onto her he seems to miss
And every time she brings him down its with a kiss
Well the hero doesn’t win in a film like this

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: This Is Loud
What a cockeyed sweet little mess you made
You went and done what you never should do
Its like Im spitting out bullets as soldiers
And if your lucky you’ll feel them to

This is Loud ( x4)

Why do you talk when your words me nothing to me
You’ve lost your second chances and all your luck
I’ve never written three good words about you
Hey, pretty devil find a drink and a fuck

This is Loud (x4)

You take the hardest way
It’s not the only way
Babies, got a hole in her head
And today
I finally made my mind
It don’t take no time
I only got one thing to spit your way now

This is Loud (x4)
Track Name: Salt Your Wounds
Well let us set this straight tonight
I’m gonna scream, scream with delight
I’m gonna find me a hole
Gonna dig it, dig it, bury all the hearts that you stole

You can dig up what you want
You’re my sweet flawed debutant
But when they find you out
We’re gonna steal, steal, steal, till they don’t have a doubt
That you
Salt your wounds
Play the fool
They’re never better than you
And you know it too

Let’s write another story
It’d be a golden age mystery
About the King and the Thief
And how she’d stolen the town by disrupting the peace

She leaves a lasting scent on you
Just like the smoking jokers do
She won’t give you no time
But it’s perfect for her cuz they know in their minds
That you

Track Name: Movin' Mountain
I drove with her
Till the sunset
Didn’t have a road to take

Made her feel so easy
Just moving for moving sake
Moving mountains with every mile we make
Moving mountains with the smile she breaks

She’s lost her country living
Found her some city ways
Doesn’t know what shes been missing
But she does it anyway


Like a bee without a stinger
Tangled up in that feeling
Taste her love
Taste her tingle

Mountain air
Here loving fingers



Then she to came to me in the sunset
And I drove with her again
Track Name: Little Trigger
Little Trigger, I know your game
Your politely inviting until one day
Your smell is of rotting pride
I can smell weakness in your eyes
Little Trigger, I know your name
You’re not a rock roll star
You’re not a man with plans
You take what others misplaced
And use them up till they’re dead

Little Trigger, won’t you come out to play
I’ve got this song I wrote to uncloak your name
Don’t’ feel much like talking
I feel shivers in my spine
You see your friends all walking?
Trigger, you’re all mine


I’m not judging preference
I can understand
You take the easy way out
And give others all your demands
Track Name: Steal Away
If you haven’t found me out by now
You ain’t ever gonna know the truth
Gonna say anything that you like
Gonna do what you wanna do

Late at night you feel alright
Wanna give yourself something to say
Keep what you got
Know what you want
Steal Away (x3)

Gotta stoop down just to hear you breath
Make sure your still alive
What I said quit playing dead
You know you need to try

In the morning will you give me a warning
Before you go away

Track Name: Loaded And Lit
I got a number in my head and its counting down
On all fours give me more
I’ll be waiting for you to come back now

Wanna tell about my dreams how they ran away
They stole my car got lost in a bar
Somewhere in LA
(Chorus x2)
I need to be here
Cant lose it yet
I need a lover
She keep me loaded and lit

I’ve heard the future through the mouth of a gun
I don’t know whats coming down
Not the stakes or the sound
Im not the only one

Hey don’t pass me by
I been waiting for my time to give
Im loose objector conscious defector
And that’s all I get

Have you ever seen the rain coming round anymore
I can’t remember its face
The time or the place
I saw it before

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: All I Need
I find my time
Spend my dime for me
Let me walk the mile
Breathe awhile for me
And everybody I can see
Starts to disappear right in front of me
I don’t mind
I got what I need

Sit me down
Don’t make a sound for me
Take a chance
Gonna get an answer for me
And if everybody I can see
Starts to disappear right in front of me
I don’t mind
I got what I need

Gonna fill my cup
Gonna light it up for me
Gonna see you now
Gonna show you how for me
And if everybody I can see
Starts to disappear right in front of me
I don’t mind
I got what I need

Let me walk a mile
Breathe awhile
Gonna fill my cup
Gonna light you up
Gonna see you now
Gonna show you how
Track Name: Blues In Hell Minor
Oh When I die going straight to hell
Going to lay my bags down
Going to ring the bell

If I die going straight to hell
Meet the red suntan
Drink from his well

Oh water runs dry
And rain don’t fall
I stole his horns
I’ve earned by now

Oh When I die going straight to hell
Going to play old piano
Ladies think Im swell

If I die going straight to hell
Going to steal his chariot
No one will ever tell

He stole my life
Rain never fell
I stole his wife
Now I run hell

Oh when Im old
Going down to hell
At least there is sunshine
Do my old bones well

Oh its to cold
Im hiding out in hell
Where my baby be
Now that I run hell